What is

OMIZOLSTONE is an exclusive surface. OMIZOLSTONE consists of natural gravel and special emulsion, which guarantees great firmness, water-permeability, draining and luxurious solid surface without joints. 
For your stone surface  a great varietions of natural gravel that you can find on our website.

Stone surface OMIZOLSTONE is:

  • frost-resistant
  • resistant to salts and chemicals
  • water-permeable
  • easy to keepclean
  • long-life
  • easy to install

It is suitable as the final surface layer on the concrete areas, even on the heavily deteriorated ones, on paver or ceramic sidewalk, and on certain conditions you can install OMIZOLSTONE on tight gravel base bottom layers. The surface is 100% water-permeable and prevents creation of puddles.

The draining capability ensures the draining of surface water into the bottom layer and subsequently to the soil.

OMIZOLSTONE is the ideal solution for installation of garden and park pavements, pool surroundings, balcony terraces, loggias, drive ramps, walkable andvegetation roofs, ponds and shower enclosures.

You can obtain the stone surface OMIZOLSTONE in a kit which contains the selected gravel in the amount for 1 sg. m. with the appropriate amount of emulsion, or you can order a complete professional installation from us.

Compared to other surface finishings, OMIZOLSTONE is very fast and malleable to install. By combining various types of gravel you can create any desired patterns on the adjusted surfaces.

It is a great advantage of the material that it can be adjusted not only on the ground plan, but also horizontally. Moreover, OMIZOLSTONE system is ecological.

New in 2015 – the stone surface is now possible apply to vertical walls without any additional fixation – boarding. Very simply with wall system is possible provide special wall application made from natural materials.


is an interior option of this system which can be a suitable alternative for modern living as well as industrial spaces with light or medium loading. The floors are water-resistant and very flexible with an option to bridge any possible cracks in the bottom layer. The standard thickness of the final layer of the flooring system OMIZOLSTONE INTERIOR while using gravel with graininess 2-4 mm is 7 mm.

OMIZOLSTONE INTERIOR surface can be installed to the following bottom layers:

  • concrete, stone, ceramic tiles, sandstone, plaener, bricks etc.
  • steel, wood
  • asphalt, asphalt roofing paper and cement membrane for waterproofing

Thanks to the natural gravel and its characteristics, flooring OMIZOLSTONE INTERIOR is very suitable with floor heating. Special emulsion which is not cold makes the surface comfortable even when the heating is turned off.

Cleaning of the floor OMIZOLSTONE INTERIOR is easy with common cleaning technology and can be maintained manually or mechanically. Chemical resistance enables disinfection with common detergents. The surface is harmless and has also been tested with drinking water.

OMIZOLSTONE INTERIOR surface fulfils the requirements of ČSN 73 0804 norm, app. 1, art.1.5.6 (fire safety of garages), flame spreading index: is<100 with the thickness greater than 5 mm.

Colour option

Apricot, Black & White , Carmine, Coffee, Cool Grey, Corn, Cream, Desert, Emerald, Gold, Ginger, Haze, Choco,Mikado, Night, Nuts, Snow White, Grey Drops